Healdsburg Veterinary Hospital


October 1, 2019: The Facts About Fleas & Tick Prevention

Healdsburg, Calif.– Flea and Ticks are an ongoing problem in Sonoma County. We at Healdsburg Veterinary Hospital are the experts because we get “biofeedback”, which is essentially data from our clients and local residents. We know what products work (and those that don’t) to prevent flea and tick infestations.

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September 1, 2019: The Facts About Heartworm Disease

Healdsburg, Calif.– Despite worldwide attention to the dangers of mosquitoes and the diseases that they transmit to humans (i.e. Zika, Malaria), there is little awareness that the same mosquitoes are vectors that transmit heartworms to dog. From 2010 to 2013, there was over 166% increase in reported positive heartworm cases, and now canine heartworm has been diagnosed in all 50 states.

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